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Building a city back up from the brink of ruin should be harder than facing your own past—right?

A few months after WWII was officially declared over, all’s easier because Karol’s here, in Lina’s world, working at her side. She might be staying for a few weeks, or a few months—it’s out of their hands, and Lina doesn’t even dare to hope. Her biggest problem is how to keep her growing affection for her parallel world doppelgänger a secret from her cabbage-stewing landlady, while simultaneously making sure her boss Anna doesn’t dislike Karol on sight.

She has a good thing going for her, finally… right until an old friend asks for help with the one thing Lina’s had more than enough of—a dead body. Soon, shit starts going sideways, proving that the challenge her former sisters at the convent are about to face might not be as benign in nature as she’d first thought—nor completely of this world.

Join Lina and Karol in a new, slightly darker historical fantasy adventure in Lina’s own backyard. Because, if there’s a single thing that’s certain in the whole damn paraversum, it’s that nothing hurts as much as going home.

Girls in Black is the second novel in the Ranger Paraversum dieselpunk mystery series, available on April 2nd, 2021!

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Cover photo by Federico Bottos on Unsplash.