NaNo Day Four: Yes, You Have to Write Today, Too

Yes, you’ve been writing for three days straight, and you’re going to have to keep that up for a little while longer. That means today, too.

Yes, you can wash all the dishes you want to, even those you’d rather leave to your s.o. to deal with outside of November, but you still have to write when you’re done.

Yes, you can read a few chapters of a new novel you found in the Crime & Thriller section yesterday, but you still have to write later. (You can even browse the free books in your app, you may even download a few, but, you know… you can either read or write at any certain moment in the day, so…)

Yes, you can go walk your dog. (It’s probably better if you do.) When you come back, you know what to do!

Yes, you can go to work (if you really have to, which a lot of people do). Don’t worry, you’ll still have to write, today, when you get home.

Yes, it’s true that the novel is slowly turning into a crockpot of your favourite tropes, and you’ve abandoned all semblance of continuity some time last week. Doesn’t get you a free pass from writing today.

Yes, it’s true that you’ve had to change the main storyline two times already, and go back to fix the details in the earlier pages so they fit your newfound plot messiah, but that doesn’t make you unable to write.

Yes, you can plot life-changing events in the few minutes you’re not writing, cleaning your toilet, prepping enough food for the apocalypse or calling your mother, but you will still. have to. write. today.

And yes, you can write yet another blog post about writing (which, still not writing) in between two actual, novel writing sessions, if that’s what gets you going. But, when the post is done, you will still have to write.

So, shoo!


Photo by Frederik Rubensson.

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