Could you fall for someone who looks just like you?

An apprentice Cartographer, working for a secret society in a city which has just barely made it out of World War II, Lina is just about to embark on her first job assignment in a parallel world. For her, the answer is about to become tricky.

Because Karol, the parallel world engineer looking for her help in a missing persons case, is everything she never thought she could be.

Including irresistible.

Coincidentally, the engineer is also Lina’s exact copy, a one in a million doppelgänger—the one person you’re never supposed to meet.

As the two women team up to find a murderer in this decadent dieselpunk mystery, they will soon discover there’s more to each other than the surface likeness which the eye can see—making this, unfortunately, a matter for the heart to resolve.

And accepting her heart’s desires was never Lina’s strong suit.

Johnny’s Girls is the first novel of Vesna’s queer retrofuturistic mystery series, Ranger Paraversum.

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