Ranger Paraversum reading order:
1 Johnny’s Girls
1.5 Freddie and Ivan go Ice Skating Together
2 Girls in Black
3 Girls Back Home
4 Girls Across Worlds
5 Girls Ashore (May 2023)

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The Gentleman is a geeky gay fantasy short story in 4000 words, standalone, with murder. And cosplay.

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Months after living through the disgrace of having several people murdered at his own party, making him avoid polite society altogether, Freddie finally agreed to join his partner Ivan in a weekend getaway. The only thing missing in a dead body—right in the middle of Freddie and Ivan’s romantic holiday….

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The Croatian collection of short stories by a group of authors is available as a free download on Smashwords and Kobo. English edition coming soon!


Izazov krvi is the first novel of Vesna’s which ever got published, available as a paperback in Croatian only.

Looking for a free story by Vesna? Look no further!