(Best Laid) Summer Plans for 2020

I’m in a summery mood right now. I don’t know what happened. It could be that I’m wearing dresses again. (I have a few, especially for summer, designed exclusively for my day job—way too conservative for anything else.) It might be that, for what could possibly be the first time in my life, I’m actually excited to be spending the summer in the city. Most of it, anyway. We’re still waiting to see whether we’ll be legally able to cross county borders come vacation time. (Oh, yeah—Croatia took shit seriously, earlier in the year. Nowadays… not so much.)

So, here are the Summer Plans 2020 for Skirts’n’wolves (TM)!

First, we’re continuing with regular Wednesday posts, mostly on writing, sometimes on reading. As of this post, they’re scheduled all the way into August. (And, honestly, it’s still a wonder that I’m  managing sticking to schedule, and for seven months already. The younger me—the tiny voice still inside—thinks this is a prank. It’s not. It’s just writing.)

Regarding the editing diary, I’m truly ready for it to be over already. If I don’t get the novel done in the next week, well, there will be monday posts, too. And I’ve started following another line of thought—what when my beta finishes with her read through of my first revision? I’ll have to go through the copy once more. There will probably be a post or two on that, but not every week. Of course, once the revision’s done, we’re entering the publishing prep phase… also planned for this summer. Yup. It’s going to be a long summer.

Since I’ve decided to do a monthly roundup of reading recs, both from the internets and from the books I read during the time, look for those at the end of each month, too! Last month was funny, in a way, because I could recommend practically every book I’ve read during June. (June was awesome.) I’m planning to read a few more in August, though, so we’ll see how that goes.

And if we manage to stick to the plan here at my (shared) S’n’W headquarters… by the end of summer of 2020, there just might be two book announcements from me. That’s why I’ll be taking extra time, in the next two months, to actually write new words. You know—the thing writers are supposedly doing with the better part of their time? Yeah.

Actually, if I really stick with this writing thing this summer—yet another reason why I’m ready to be over with Johnny’s Girls!—I’ll be writing a brand new noveltrilogy through August. It’s a summer story. And a (postapocalyptic) romance. I’ll be fine, even though it’s not NaNoWriMo. Right?

Oh, and if the true plans for this summer—the ones having me both dread and shiver with anticipation right this very moment—work out… well. This tiny corner of the universe just might change for good.

In conclusion, before I start dreaming again: if there’s anything you’d particularly want to hear about here at the site, or chat with me in general, feel free get in touch via social media (currently linked in the site footer)—I do have a slight preference for Instagram over the other ones right now—and, umm, let’s chat.

And I do wish you a great—safe—summer too, alright? Let’s get that writing rolling…


Photo by Evi Radauscher on Unsplash.

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