The Fallacy of Agency (And Other Stuff I Liked in July, 2020)

Yup, I am now one of those people who share not only what they write, but what they read, too. I’ll aim for a roundup per month, but… no promises! Please note that none of the links here are affiliates. I’m just a simple writer/reader, trying to make my way… you get the idea.


The Fallacy of Agency by Aliette de Bodard

Short and powerful. Quite interesting for writers who tend to write a lot of agency-heavy characters (yay!). Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of commentary (I’m late to the party, I know!) about previously underrepresented character concepts and non-western narrative structure, especially in sci-fi and fantasy. Since I’m only just learning any type of structure, I’m ages away from trying out others, but… well, this short article was helpful to imagine what it might one day look like.

How Much Should You Write Every Day? by Tobias S. Buckell

A real life look inside a real writer’s process. I’m a sucker for these. NB, the article is quite long, and my concentration was all over the place the past month—but the charts are awesome. (And it only shows what I truly believe in—do what works for you!)

Business Musings: Holes in the Economy by Kristina Kathryn Rusch

This roundup is a bit bleak, yes. #noregrets Food for thought.

How Naya Rivera Became an Icon for the LGBTQ Community by Dorothy Snarker

Loss never comes easy.

Spring Fling 2020 Keynote Speech by Alyssa Cole

Yes, romance readers (and writers) are political. And devouring escapist fiction doesn’t mean we’re detached from reality, in the slightest. It just might mean we accept a little less disrespect from our everyday people, thought. (Which is most definitely a very, very good thing in my book.)

(On a side note, my favourite grovel moment still remains the one from A Civil Campaign, the book—and series—I owe most of my current writing to. Nobody’s perfect.)


I’ll be honest with you here—I’ve started a lot of books in the past month, but I didn’t finish any (ze gasp!). I’ve given up on a few, but I’m still reading a few, too. More to write about next month!



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