Coming Soon: Johnny’s Girls

Since we’ve already made the announcement on the publisher’s official site, here’s one on my official site, too: my first novel in English will be available to purchase as an ebook on October 30th, 2020!

The book is the first in an ongoing series called Ranger Paraverse. Although it will probably be necessary to start with book one, I know as a librarian that it’s almost impossible to make sure of that for each and every reader out there, so the only open-ended major storyline which will be continued in book two is, well, the romance plot. Bwahahaha. (In case you didn’t guess it already, book two, working title Girls in Black, is my NaNo 2020 project!)

I’ve written a lot about editing Johnny’s Girls in this article series, and here’s a look at the blurb:

Could you fall for someone who looked just like you?

An apprentice Cartographer, working for a secret society in a city which has just barely made it out of World War II, Karolina is just about to embark on her first job assignment in a parallel world. For her, the answer is about to become tricky.

Because Karol, the parallel world engineer looking for her help in a missing persons case, is everything she never thought she could be.

Including irresistible.

Coincidentally, the engineer is also Karolina’s exact copy, a one in a million doppelgänger—the one person you’re never supposed to meet.

As the two women team up to find a murderer in this decadent dieselpunk mystery, they will soon discover there’s more to each other than the surface likeness which the eye can see—making this, unfortunately, a matter for the heart to resolve.

And accepting her heart’s desires was never Karolina’s strong suit.

It took me a while to settle on a simple genre label, and it’s this: a lesbian dieselpunk romance. A label that got pushed out was murder mystery because both my editor Antonija and I agree that it’s way more of a romance than a mystery, although the ‘closed room mystery’ backdrop is a nice one.

I’m not that excited at the moment, mostly terrified, but inertia is a nice bitch, and there’s so much left to do before putting the book online in all the distributing platforms I manage to find and understand by that date, so. Fun times are a curse, aren’t they?

You can find more info here. The cover reveal, which will be available everywhere, but primarily my Instagram, is set for Saturday, Oct 3rd. This time, we’re doing an exclusive reveal at the online Futuricon/Rikon 2020, in our short video presentation of the publisher, Shtriga Books, the day before.

Scary shit is scary. Thanks for joining along for the ride!

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

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