I Will Write Today…

…even though I’m still not sure whether this self-publishing thing is a good fit for me.

…even though I’m failing NaNoWriMo again this year because I’ve fucked up my release schedule once more.

…even though my testing results haven’t come in yet.

…even though it’s early and I’m cold because the heating hasn’t kicked in yet and I’m not sure what to have for breakfast.

…even though I haven’t met my ‘word goal’ the day before yesterday, no matter how promising it looked.

…even though I didn’t write a single word yesterday because I was beyond exhausted with life stuff.

…even though I would rather be innocently plotting off stuff I won’t get to for at least three months more.

…even though my already begun jigsaw puzzle’s gathering so much cat hair it’s starting to resemble a comb.

…even though I’m still not sure how to reach out to reviewers and whether I’ll be able to face the heartbreak.

…even though I’ve only just ‘learned’ ebook uploading and I haven’t even started on learning ads yet.

…even though the dog’s beyond annoyed with me for yet another day I’m spending in the one place he can’t reach himself—the desk.

…even though I’ve, frankly, had enough of 2020—or, maybe, because of it?

How about you?

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash.

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