My Hobby Is Plotting Book Series I’ll Never Write… What’s Yours?

It’s not such a hardship, per se, but I’ve already sketched out almost thirty novels in the past few months, all because my brain didn’t want to write the current one. I’ve plotted out three full new series, several novels in each, and gone as far as to make simple cover mockups in Canva one very long day when I was very bored. I’ve printed out a few of the covers, stamp-size—and I love them.

I just have no idea when am I actually supposed to write them.

The problem is that they’re kinda good series. Series which would really help my budding brand, series which are both close to my heart and challenging enough to my brain, due to their problematic historical nature. (Everything is problematic in Croatian history, if you dig deep enough.) They’re a bit on the safer side than I’d generally prefer—which is not a problem, either, since my first series was so deep in its own niche it was basically unmarketable—and their novels would probably be rather easy to write.

I still don’t have the time in my schedule to even start writing them.

The reason I’m writing about this is because, after making mockup covers for eighteen novels, I’ve realized this is not the first time it’s happened to me. It happened early last year, when I plotted out six books in a single series which has, in the meantime, gone by the wayside because I’ve made a different decision about the general direction of my writing career.

It happened the year before, too, when I tried to lay out the basic premise of thirteen novels in another series I’m probably never going to write (wrong language and age category, regarding said career choices), even though, ummm, I’ve actually gone and plotted the first novel of the series, in full, a few months ago. I’m not kidding—I even went as far as to decide on the perpetrator! I never do that! (For the record, it should be one of the first things, crime-novel-plotting-wise, but hey, we’re only human.)

And the thing is—I’m not sure if other people do this. I’ve only recently realized I do it. And it made me think—is it a problem, a new and creative way to procrastinate—or, maybe, just a hobby?

I think it’s safe to say I’d rather call it a hobby than, uh, a problem or, you know, the aforementioned, other p-word.Because, after all—while I’m plotting away, at least I’m having fun. And if I happen to learn a thing or three about structuring a series along the way, or, heavens forbid, actually end up plotting a novel I’ll write—hell yes!

Photo by bobotaks on Unsplash.

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