A Very Wolf Wedding

Last week I found the (almost) perfect wedding dress. Not an easy task for a lesbian. It presented itself to me in a local store, trashy as thrash can be, and of course there’s no way to find it online to share. Since I’m just myself, no affiliates whatsoever, there’s really no need to find a similar one to advertise it here. You’ll just have to trust me when I say – nearly perfect. Light pink (what we’d call “dirty” pink in Croatia), absolutely sheath, just-above-the-knee length, and sporting discreet amounts of symmetrical ivory lace ornaments on the hips. Dye it green and you’ve got the wedding dress of my dreams.

But noone wants to drool too much over one’s wedding when the wedding’s still a few legislation lines away. While we’re waiting, allow me to introduce the blog you’ve just stumbled across. “Skirts”, because I’ve worn pants for maybe two weeks in the whole of last year (yup, counting summer vacation). ” ‘n’ “, ’cause I really don’t like the sight of “and” in a blog title (at least not in my blog’s title). “Wolves”, because when you dip your (huge, when it comes to me) toes into fiction, tv and movies of the sci-fi/fi variety, you gotta choose one supernatural creature you prefer above all, right? To me, the answer is always furry animals. The Full Moon’s just a few days away (I’ve got to plan something really special for this months’s FM), but werewolf-loving style enthusiasts deserve love on every other day, too.

So here it is. Without further ado, I’m gonna leave you to contemplate a wolf in skirt (come on, you know you wanna) for the rest of the evening (GMT+1 time here *hello*), and while we’re at it, do take a sneak peak of the wedding gown of my dreams (if it were green instead of red), the one I’ve already argued about with my girlfriend. I’ve settled on a simple (albeit lacey) sheath since then, but a girl’s gotta dream. Not to mention today’s our 2y7m anniversary. Kinda… feels right starting a blog on this date.



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