8 Smoaky Ways to Kick Ass Without Having to Kick Any Asses

Felicity Smoak - Rocking the glasses

I’m sure the title kinda explains itself – but if not, enjoy this magnificent picture of Felicity Smoak, one of my currently favourite female characters in all of geeky tv. The list was directly inspired by Arrow 2×14 Time of Death – in which Felicity had to learn some of the lessons on her own skin.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize probably belongs to the CW (including the pictures). No infringment intended, fun and fandom purposes only.

#1 Rock the glasses. It’s tough growing up being the kid with glasses – especially if your grades are high. I can only hope it’s better for kids nowadays, after Harry Potter – and Felicity – did their best to tell the world you can be both awesome and bespectacled at the same time.

#2 Be the smartest person on the show. What, you wanna challenge me on that? By nominating whom, Oliver?

#3 Never shy from your expression of self. You want to be feminine? Go ahead and kick it. Blonde? Why the hell not? None of it – whatever you choose to express yourself as – can make you less irreplaceable. I honestly believe Felicity is a great example that it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most – and that is what we need to focus on in others.

#4 Don’t fear your feelings. Sure, you may be emotional as hell. But why would acknowledging that stop you from saving the world? Nothing wrong with being human – sometimes it’s even better than being a machine, no matter how much ass-kicking you do.

#5 Do what you love, love what you do. You may occasionally be forced to pretend you’re someone’s secretary – but that’s just a hurdle on your way to your next awesome project. Make sure no one stands between you and your true passion. Wait, there’s a lesson in there somewhere even for me…

#6 Trust your team. Don’t let them hurt themselves (or others) because of their arrogance and/or stubbornness – be human, remember? But never underestimate the power of a true team.

#7 Venture outside of what’s “appropriate for you” based on other people’s beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with gender or age unusual roles – the only important thing is that it fits who you are. Live your life and you’ll live to be some little girl’s hero – maybe even her role model for career choices in science or something similar.

#8 Have an impeccable sense of style. It sure ain’t the most important thing – but it ain’t unimportant either. Rock the awesomeness from head to toe – and if in your book that means a stiletto-clad toe, I definitely won’t be one to object.

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