The First SnW Articles Series And The Oncoming Spring

…or, just a few reasons I’m seriously looking forward to spring this year – and what you can expect, too, in the oncoming month.

The co-alpha’s birthday is approaching, speed-of-light style, and I’m in the middle of a project related to that.(<3) I just felt the need to warn you I might babble about it a bit more as the day comes closer. Blame me (if you dare).

Outdoor weekend larps, werewolf style! Although I intend to cover mostly outdoor and fantasy larp topics in the next couple of articles, there are a few I’ve got lined up to cover general larp and geek stuff. Although I don’t plan to bring the tent out for another couple of months, I’m still really looking forward to outdoor adventuring. The guitar’s ready, too – I’m the one who needs to gear up.

The first article series on Skirts’n’Wolves is bound to start in two weeks time. The next Full Moon Special, set for this Sunday’s moon, will announce the series in a way. I’m scared and thrilled at the same time – but actually can’t wait for it. I just couldn’t help but try to uncover a topic commonly overlooked in discussions about larping – or, to put it plainly, not explored into the depths it deserves. The series will run as an extra weekly article on Saturdays from the co-alpha’s birthday (Friday, March 28th – first day of Istrakon for Croatian geeks) for almost eight weeks – until the three year anniversary of my pack (<3 Tuesday, May 13th – a few days before Sferakon in Zagreb). I’ve got a special treat planned for the grand finale, so make sure not to miss it.

Longer days and warmer living in the northern hemisphere. Sure, it’s a given – but I’m a huge fan of coffee in the sun, ditching the boots and acquiring lighter fur – um, sorry, skirts.

Spring = a wakeup call for people. Just to give you an example, a few days ago we got word that a Minnesotan larp group will be adapting my friend’s ruleset created for the Croatian Elder Scrolls larp. I honestly can’t express how proud I am of all the efforts he and his GM team have put into the project so far – and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Also, SnW was featured on my collegue’s blog just yesterday – thanks!

In other news, Zoie Palmer has a girlfriend! (If you have no idea who Zoie and her awesome cat are, you definitely need to brush up on your Canadian oh-so-trashy-but-adorable tv shows. I suggest you try educational techniques courtesy of Dorothy Snarker.)

In a way, it feels like the planet’s started moving once again. I’m all for evercoming winters (err… not exactly – can’t stand the series), but there’s something… just magical about the coming of spring.

May yours, this year, last as long as possible.

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