The Wolf on The Kindness of Lessons

I have no idea in the seven hells where to start. Let’s just say I misplaced all of my cards and documents (minus my passport which was in another city) plus a bit of cash along with my wallet on a city bus ride sometime last week. Of course, I found out all about that while trying to pay for my intercity bus ride home. It took me – incredibly – a little over three hours to get it all back. The process involved ten (direct contact) plus nine people (contacted over the phone or indirectly). That was nineteen people who did their best to help me get the plastic part of my life back. In the end the greatest credit, apart from my mom and the co-alpha for their tangible moral support, goes to the two girls who found the freakin’ wallet on the same bus I left it on. They googled my name and address, found my mom’s cell number and called her to tell her they had found it. And you know what? When I got to the store to pick it up – they had found it on their way to work – I even found all of my money in it, still stiff and crisp from the ATM. It wasn’t much, but not little either, and I gave them a third as thanks for – well, saving me, in a way. Three hours later from the crying fit I threw at the bus station (away from everyone but my girlfriend who was on the other side of the line), I was on my way home. With a couple of lessons to carry with me for the weeks to come.

#1 Having your heart and life reside in two separate cities has its cost. You can pretend it doesn’t. You can hope it doesn’t . But the little things just don’t add up, when you’re living like an involuntary nomad.

#2 You can never underestimate the kindness of strangers. And it’s not even the first time I’ve experienced it – a little over a year ago it happened with my laptop, which got safely returned to me thanks to two wonderful bus drivers.

#3 I really have to begin taking my life back into any semblance of order. Being – literally – nowhere is just not working anymore. And mock existence is awful.

#4 Distractedness is an ugly life companion. ‘Nuff said.

#5 I’m not nearly as tough as I thought I was. Or, maybe, I just care about things more than I used to. Couple of years ago, there was no way in hell I could react like a five year old to something like that. Last week, it was just like that. The moment I realized it was more than possible I won’t be able to go home for the weekend, well… the raging, crying five year old me came out like a diva.

So this spring I’m taking care to get more organized – and more present, wherever I am – to avoid, you know, the five year old. And other people I dislike, inside of me.

And if the tiny posting gap which keep happening this month surprised you, let’s just say I’m currently getting over a lovely eye inflammation. If ever I wanted to take a month offline… well, bad timing, thank you very much.

See you in a couple of days – with another couple of lessons, this time from the Elder Scrolls larp which ended yesterday. I’m still adjusting to civilization and trying to catch up with some loose ends – and awesome photos.

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