Got Skirt, Will Interview

A curious thing happened to me recently. I’d applied for a job which suits me a bit better than the one I currently have (for several reasons, biggest of all being co-alpha proximity!) and got an interview slot – for the next day, naturally. And what to I do? I go to my manager, get a day off, go to the bus station and get on the first affordable bus.

I really didn’t have to sweat it, for many reasons, but most of all – because I had my favourite skirt on. Everything else I managed, repurposed a longsleeved shirt I wore for work that day, borrowed a blazer from my co-alpha (or did she give it to me? can’t recall) , paired them up with one of my unused-but-cute scarves etc. – but the skirt had to be perfect. Luckily, the skirt I prefer to get interviewed in is also my favourite everyday skirt – black corduroy pencil, knee length. You can see me wearing it for most of the winter – and fall, actually.

What also helped were the little details like having my cell charger, other keyes and a foldable umbrella with me, in my business rucksack, every day.

There are several points to this story.

Well, when I think about it, actually there are only two.

First, when you find the perfect skirt, keep it close and wear it to pieces. No matter how long it took you to find it, or how much it cost. If you bought it only to keep it in your closet or on display as a work of art, it’s already useless. Skirts are for wearing. Even the perfect ones.

Second – not necessarily skirt-related – above all, be flexible in life. Being able to quickly respond to the challenge – leave on a short notice after I got the interview call – not only saved me some patience, but got me another almost full day to spend with my co-alpha that week. Had I had to prepare for ages, I would’ve seen her for a few hours more tops. It really pays off to be prepared – even years after you leave the scouts.

In the end didn’t get the job, although I left a good (and, hopefully, lasting) impression. But it was a great experience that left me wondering – how far could I really travel in a couple hours’ notice, with just the things I have on?

Hopefully, someday I’ll find out.

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