Year’s End Favourites – SnW in 2014

The year’s almost gone, celebrating twelve full months of the Skirts’n’Wolves blog! While I prep stuff for the next twelve months (and trust me – you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how frakkin’ much there is to prepare), let’s sit back, relax with a cup of your favourite winter beverage (mine’s currently awesome Turkish coffee – the kind that comes in the tiniest of copper coloured cups) and read through the past year’s favourite SnW articles.

After you’re done, do me a favour – put your cup away (you can always come back to it later, after you add some cinnamon – another personal favourite) and think of next year’s larping adventures – what would you like to play in 2015? Even more, any chance you could organize something yourself? New Year’s Resolutions are just around the corner…

Best of 2014 on SnW – The Wolf’s choice

The stuff I’ve enjoyed writing the most – and the stuff I go back to read myself, every once in a while. Because there’s only so many posts one can write in a single year – and these were my favourite ones.

Full Moon Special #3 – The Importance of Dating a Geek

The Wolf on Blog Management (50th SnW Post)

Surviving the Experience of Running a Pervasive Larp

Oh, and by the way – remember the book I wrote back in May? It’s fully available as a pdf, for no cost whatsoever. If you’re a member of a pack of two (like the co-alpha and I are), be sure to check it out.

Best of 2014 on SnW – Readers’ choice

As a firm believer in stats (seriously, I could build a whole religion around the Stats page), I’ve checked and rechecked several times over – and these posts are the ones you loved the most. If by any chance you managed to miss any, here’s the top three my worldwide pack has seen. You’re welcome.

I Could Be Larping, But… (13 Favourite Excuses)

Ten Quick Tips for Your First Larp

A Quintet of Larping Prejudice (Five by Five #3)

Totally random recommendation

Because we all know the random elements of random are sometimes the best…

Five Quick Notes on Realistic Character Names

5 Things That Happen When You’re Not Watching a Show

8 Smoaky Ways to Kick Ass Without Having to Kick Any Asses

Stay tuned for next week when you’ll get a sneak peek into what’s cooking for 2015 – and a tiny special announcement! I’m in the middle of getting ready for the holidays – one can do a ton of things if one starts planning for “time off” early enough – and I hope you get some time to relax yourself, by the end of the year. Hell knows we’ve all deserved it. On that note, let me know how the cinnamon coffee feels…

Oh, and by the way – thanks for reading! Your views are the cinnamon in my coffee.

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