Ready to Rock and Howl in 2015

Larp Blog Survey

The beginning of a year, no matter what the number on the date says, is a time of introspection, obsessive coin counting and great and wonderful plans for the 12 months, 52 weeks, 360+ days ahead. And while people tend to view larping as your regular geek hobby, let me say – larpers are notorious planners, too. We’ve just tasted the waters of this new, glorious year and already many of our weekends (and not a small number of our working days) are reserved for larps, larp organizing and pre-larp prep. (Honestly, I have no idea how anyone among us will manage to do everything we wish to do in the next few months – but we sure as hell are going to have fun trying.)

While in the middle of getting ready for 2015 in larping, I have the privilege (and dreadful task) of preparing the year on SnW, too. Since none of the best stuff on the blog in 2014 would’ve happened without you, I’d love it if you took 60 seconds of your time to fill out this short survey about the SnW blog:

What would you like to read about in 2015? (Survey time!)

(Well, technically, it’s closer to 120 seconds, depending on how fast you type. And whether you’re typing with your fingers or your paws, y’know. Thanks!)

Anything and everything you write will help me find out where you, as a reader, would like the blog to go in 2015 and what sort of content I should focus on (other than what the lovely stats are telling me). I’m sure there’s a ton of ideas in your mind, too, about what a larp&geek blog should offer – I’m here to listen and help!

Since the end of 2014 made a bad impact on the blog’s posting schedule (thanks to a slight increase in my work responsibilites), I’m making no promises as to how often you can expect new articles. Still, some things are certain – like the Full Moon Specials (after this year’s first one) and Five by Five Mondays. Since 2015 seems to be set on confusing larpers and geeks alike (take a look at this year’s announced scifi movies and let me know what century we’re living in), there will be a slight adjustment in terms of 5×5 lists being published every third Monday of the month, not the first one like in 2014, because, you know, full moons seem to gravitate towards the first week too, this year. (Except for July – there will be a total of two Full Moon Specials that month! Can’t wait.)

During the year, there will occasionally be little extra somethings (like the next pdf book planned for spring), many larping tips and your regular dose of tv show rants. (While we’re at the said subject, my pack can’t wait for Outlander to come back – and we’re enjoying the last Lost Girl at the moment, among other supernatural things.)

From your part there’s nothing more to do than to figure out which larps to play this year, when to (finally) dare to organize that larp you’ve been dreaming of for too long and do your damndest best to have the greatest larping year so far. (With coffee.)

So, get your weekly geeky fill to be a productive, happy human. Fill the survey. Larp your heart out and, most of all, rock on!

(Oh, and by the way, did you know that rock is German for skirt, too? Well, now you do!)

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