6 Reasons I’m Watching Justice League Again

D’you remember when you were ten and every movie could blow your mind and you had no idea what cosplay was?

Do you remember when you were twenty and the mind-blowing movies had already become a bit more scarce, but you were just easing into this cosplay thing and you could already tell what was CGI, and what was not, in the movies you saw?

But, the question is – will you remember when you were thirty and exhausted and sad and kinda empty (drama all around!) and when you went to see the one movie you were sure you weren’t going to like – but then you loved it, and  you even liked it’s insane CGI levels (all of the levels) and now you’re silently considering your friends not to see who’ll be free to join you for coffee next week, but who would be crazy enough to join you for a Justice League group cosplay next year?

Because a few days ago, aged Thirty Years and Two Days, I went to watch Justice League on the biggest screen currently available in my hometown with three amazing people who’ve been there for me the day before, too (when we held the deathday party), and two days before, when we ran out of chairs (once more!) at the signing of the novel at my Library.

Since I’m already signed up to go watch the movie again this Friday with my fellow librarians, and since I’m still a bit hungover tired from the party, I won’t go into detail, but just jot down the six primary reasons I’ve loved the movie that did the impossible – made me love Come Together (one of the rare Beatles’ songs I used to hate with the fire of a thousand culbets).


#1 The goddess that is Diana Prince

If you’re curious about what I’m talking about, indulge me in this little experiment – casually drop the name Gal Gadot in a room full of geeks (of all shapes and sizes) and observe the results. For those (of you) not prone to superficial things, go see Wonder Woman first, and then we’ll talk. Yeah, Justice League could’ve gone with one (or three) Steve Trevor mentions less, but Diana’s gloriousness is no smaller for her being “just” a member of a League (c’mon, she is the League, in the current cast of characters). I’m not sure I could ever tire of watching her on the big screen, so that’s exactly what I’m going to keep doing.


#2 Aquamomoa’s life force bends the sexuality of those around him

The nickname used to be a joke when Jason Momoa first got cast in the role (and it took a while from there to here, you know?), but now, having seen the way his Aquaman rules the screen (the parts not already owned by the Goddess, see above), I can’t deny I’m a believer. The two of them alone would be enough to make me watch the movie again, but I’m looking forward to seeing his scenes again, too, without being bedazzled with his muscles scales. Neither my S.O. nor I are fans of the Atlanteans, usually (although she adores Kaldur’ahm, from what I gather), but this particular version is more than lovely. Good call!


#3 Why do I enjoy the Bat-parts?

Bat-parts, oh, the Bat-parts. The way it went was – the movie kept on going, and I kept waiting to be bored whenever Bruce did something or said something (ungh), but what happened was, every time he suited up and did a jump or two (not to mention the cloak’s separate action sequences, it should receive a separate paycheck), I had fun. I had fun watching Batman! And it wasn’t even a Nolan piece! Rejoice! (And look forward to seeing the scenes again.)


#4 Don’t you dare hurt my baby Vic Stone

Does anybody, anywhere, care about Cyborg? Well, there are always die-hard fans for any and every character you could name, but with Cyborg, I have a hunch that many of those answering yes to the question above would have seen the Justice League movie. He got a considerable amount of screen time, and characterization (as much as one can manage in a team-up movie), and I can’t help but love him deeply. Now I want to watch his movie, more than basically anything else. What will he do, now that he has friends? What will he see the world like, now that he’s actually a part of that world again? Tell meeeeeeee…!


#5 Ezra Allen, the ultimate puppy

Umm, did you mean Barry West? Or… dunno, got confused while listening to the S.O. about how this is not Barry Allen, but Wally West, and I’m still a bit weirded out by actually managing to see an Ezra Miller role where he was an actual puppy, not the bomb I’m accustomed to him being. I do wish we could’ve seen more of him onscreen, but it was really nice to see special effects for the Flash on the big screen (made with big money). Looking forward to his movie, too!


#6 What did Lois Lane think, coming out of that car?

Because that remains the biggest question. What exactly did they tell her, when fetching her? How the hell could she cope? Is it Joss Whedon fiddling with the script again, leaving the important answers to our own imagination? Or is it her being the most powerful and emotionally stable person in the whole frakkin’ movie? I couldn’t have done it. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually met someone who could. But I will do my best to try to understand, the next time I see the movie, how someone could love any one person that much. (Oh, yeah, and I’m bringing more handkerchiefs this time. Be prepared.)

To finish off with a bang, here’s the song that did the unimaginable for me – and helped us pass the time through the credits until After Credits pt. 2, when my S.O. went utterly excited and I developed a previously unexplored appreciation for white hair. (I’d already appreciated the artillery.)

Disclaimer: no copyright infringement intended. Fun and fandom purposes only.

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